We appreciate any help or support you can provide towards our efforts to helping endangered species by supporting our projects in partnership with the Chipembere Rhino Foundation in South Africa, the Pygmy Elephant Project in Borneo and the United Kingdom Orangutan Appeal for Borneo, all of which can be found on our Projects Page.
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RAGES July 2


Together with the Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea South Africa and our Projects Director Jo Wilmot, we are developing RAGES International Survival Kits or RISK Boxes. These boxes or kits will be available for Rotary and Rotaract Clubs and Districts to support.

These RISK Boxes will contain equipment that will go to various projects engaged in the protection and survival of rhinos in areas of South Africa that are currently under attack by well organised poaching gangs and syndicates.

RAGES is looking at supplying these RISK Boxes in the area of most need. These RISK Boxes will start at $500 for the entry level. There are three other levels that will be available.

We are also developing a K9 RISK Box to facilitate the training of tracker dogs like Sammy below.

2001 SA

To find out what is included in each RISK Box click on the level below:

Bronze RISK Boxes $500.00

Silver RISK Boxes $1,500.00

Gold RISK Boxes $2,500.00

Diamond RISK Boxes K 9 Training Kits $5,000.00


Some of the items required in RISK Boxes will include the following:

Bullet proof vest
Rand 4,000.00  US$390
Uniform Shirt
Rand 225.00  US$22
Uniform Pant
Rand 195.00  US$19
Uniform Shorts
Rand 155.00  US$15
Uniform Jacket
Rand 349.00  US$33
Uniform Boots
Rand 469.00  US$46
Handheld radio
Rand 2,200.00  US$216
Night Vision Binoculars
Rand 17,000.00  US$1665
Rand 2,000.00  US$196
Flir Thermal Imagery vehicle Pathfinder camera
Rand 36,000.00 US$3,500
Flir Handheld Thermal Imaging camera
Rand 68,000.00  US$6,660
Cellphone airtime per month
Rand 500.00  US$50
Head Torch
Rand 360.00  US$35
Handheld Torch
Rand 450.00  US$44
Rand 1,500.00  US$147
Telonics Telemetry Receiver
Rand 7,000.00  US$685
Telonics Telemetry Aerial
Rand 1,200.00  US$118
Telonics Horn Implant device
Rand 2,750.00  US$269


Flir Handheld Thermal Imaging camera

VHF Tracking collar – Rand 3,000.00 US$291
VHF Horn implant – Rand 3,900.00 US$378
GPS Satellite collar – Rand 23,000.00 US$2,230
Handheld VHF Receiver – Rand 9,000.00 US$872
Antennae Short Range (compact) – Rand 3,000.00 US$291
Antennae Long Range – Rand 1,500.00 US$145
Ground to Air Handheld Radios – Rand 10,000.00 US$969
Night Vision Generation 1 Handheld Scope – Rand 6,500.00 US$630
Camera Traps with Realtime MMS and Infrared Black Flash – Rand 5,000.00 US$485
Rhino DNA Kits – Rand 600.00 US$58
Micro-Chips (3 per Rhino) – Rand b400.00 US$39
Helicopter Surveillance Flights – Rand 3,000.00/Per Hour US$291
Emergency Helicopter on Standby – Rand 25,000.00 US$2,423


Above:  Leg transmitters and VHF Horn Transplant with a microchip.