We appreciate any help or support you can provide towards our efforts to helping endangered species by supporting our projects in partnership with the Chipembere Rhino Foundation in South Africa, the Pygmy Elephant Project in Borneo and the United Kingdom Orangutan Appeal for Borneo, all of which can be found on our Projects Page.
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Diamond Orangutan


Post Release Monitoring Project

Researcher tracking orangutans


Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre:    
Banana and beans for month RM 330 $110
Veterinary and quarantine nurses for 2 weeks RM 1,600 $500
Training co-ordinator for 1 month RM 1,510 $500
Feeding platform rangers for 1 month RM 1,510 $500
Indoor nursery carer for 1 month RM1,400 $480
50% of Perishables and veterinary supplies RM 370 $120
50% of Blood testing, worming, xrays, electrolytes RM 950 $270
Specialist baby milk formula RM 375 $150
Milk formula for orphaned elephants for 2 days RM 300 $115
Post-Release Monitoring Project:    
2 x Post-Release Monitoring Researchers for 1 month RM 3,700 $1120
Tracking and rescue vehicle for 1 month RM 660 $210
2 x Handheld GPS Unit RM 950 $400
Camp maintenance per month RM 290 $100
Supplementary feeding for rehabilitant orangutans RM 238 $75
Lead primatologist for 3 days RM 1,120 $350
Total   $5,000


Post Release Monitoring Project  Rosalinda’s release


Post Release Monitoring Project Camp Sue with Primatologist and Researchers