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News Edition 07

Monthly News Edition 07-15

Bulletin #07 April 2015.

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This Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species or RAGES is a Rotarian Action Group and operates in accordance with Rotary International policy but is not an agency of, or controlled by Rotary International.


It has been a very busy month for me personally due to the culmination of the planning for the Rotary Mount Kenya ANZAC Day Climb 2015.  At the time of writing this brief news letter we are less than 24 hours form leaving Sydney for Nairobi via Perth and Jo’burg.

We have welcomed 16 new members to our action group since I last wrote to you in March.  Included are several Rotaractors from the new Rotaract Club of Griffith in New South Wales, Australia. A wonderful group of young women and men joining the ranks of Rotary, welcome to you all.

We now have 191 members of RAGES thank you all for joining.

This month of April we will be in Kenya and South Africa primarily to climb Mount Kenya with 9 Rotarians and 2 guests of Rotary.  We also have 5 of our partners and supporters going on safari while we climb Mount Kenya to Point Lenana.

The purpose to raise funds for our ongoing projects in Africa as well as a new one for RAGES The Oloimugi Maasai Village. The third beneficiary will be Legacy Australia for the returned soldiers of all our conflicts where there are 100,000 widows who need looking after by Legacy.

The March newsletter has all the information here on the climb:

RAGES March Newsletter 

There is a lot of snow on Mount Kenya and we are going at the wettest and coldest month of the year for climbing.  However it is for a good purpose and we now have 11 climbers:

Snow April 11th

 Snow on Mount Kenya photo taken April 11th 2015

So we look forward to reporting to you from Kenya and South Africa.

As always

Yours in Rotary

John Glassford
Chair 2014 -2016

Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species
Rotary Club of Coolamon District 9700
New South Wales, Australia

RAG Endangered Species


Gathering momentum and the latest to join us include:

Dame Daphne 1


Dr.Dame Daphne Sheldrick D.B.E. founder if the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.j


Bob Brown

Bob Brown (former Senator Australian Commonwealth Government and leader of the Australian Green Party).

Stay connected for more signings during April thanks to Duke Ingram and Besureis.

I will post from Kenya and South Africa via Facebook and this web site.

All for now see you all during April please follow us on this website and our two Facebook pages and please ask your friends in Rotary and Rotaract to join us:

RAGES Facebook Page

RAGES One Fight Unite Facebook Page

Thank you!

Off to climb Mount Kenya on ANZAC Day and ​​I am asking for your support for Legacy Australia and our African Projects​:

‘Rotary Mount Kenya Climb’